Joshua Kunkel Portfolio

Tattoo Artist
These Magnolia Flowers though..
Resident Ikonic Artist, Joshua Kunkel, _jfdk23 brought it back old school with this traditional tatt
Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23 rocked out this piece on his Walk In Wednesday! 😍 #tattoo #walkinwednesday #w
This client sat like a CHAMP! Check out this WIP (work in progress) by Resident Ikonic Artist, Joshu
Some tradish straight razor action by Resident Ikonic Artist, _jfdk23 Joshua Kunkel! ☺️ #tattoo #tra
This rad neo traditional style cover up was done by Joshua Kunkel! _jfdk23 #tattoos #neotraditionalt
Got to do this nymph from #disneyfantasia  #outlinetattoo _jfdk23 #colorworktattoo #tattooedgirls #t
Some Spider-Man and pooh bear awesomeness by Joshua _jfdk23 #redemptionaftercare #ikonicforareason #
Isn’t she the most gorgeous Traditional Gypsy you’ve ever seen_ Done by none other than our Resident
First of 2 leg pieces done by Ikonic artist Joshua
This Wonder Woman was done by Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23! #tattoo #tattooinspiration #tattooideas #cartoo
Joshua Kunkel  _jfdk23 was able to snag a healed photo of this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle piece he
This super adorable watercolor elephant was done by Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23! #tattoo #tattooinspiratio
RAWR!!!!! 🦁This vicious back piece was brilliantly executed by Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23 ! #tattoos #am
This sweet Pokémon was done by Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23! #tattoo #tattooinspiration #tattooideas #pokem
This unique peony was done on our tattoo artist, Jordan Haines _jordanhainestattoo, by fellow artist
Ikonic artist Joshua Kunkel was excited to rock his passion of cartoon style with this Calvin & Hobb
comic styled Daredevil themed oni mask Joshua Kunkel  _jfdk23 recently did!  #tattoo #orientaltattoo
Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23 was ecstatic when this client requested one of his peronal drawings up for gra
Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23 was really excited to have the opportunity to rework this existing tattoo! #su
Check out this beautiful Traditional  Peony flower done by Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23! #traditionaltattoo
Got to color in a blk work piece
Shark fin tattoo by Joshua! #shark #sharktattoo #blackandgreytattoo #ribtattoo #ikonicforareason #st
One thigh complete..
Sick horror cartoon piece done by our artist Joshua _jfdk23 #horrortattoo #redemptiontattoocare #iko
One more session done and one more to go to add in all the highlights! By Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23 ! #c
Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23 was stoked to do this Spiderman tattoo and can't wait to add Deadpool! #tattoo
Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23 nailed this tree half sleeve! #tattoos #tattooinspiration #tattooideas #blacka
Two different Celtic Cross styles by Resident Ikonic Artist, Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23!  #tattoo #crosst
This colorful Wizard of Oz piece was done by Resident Ikonic Artist, Joshua Kunkel
To infinity and beyond! Buzz Lightyear tattoo by Resident Ikonic Artist, Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23!  #ta
or large! This client, however, had her mind set on her first tattoo.jpg.jpg
This traditional wold and rose design was done by Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23! #tattoo #tattooinspiration
Not everyday do our artists have the opportunity to tattoo an armpit! Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23 rocked o
Stand firm cross done by Josh, lettering just touched up _jfdk23 #crosstattoo #gettattooed #standfir
Captain America shield tattoo done by Ikonic artist Joshua Kunkel!! _jfdk23 #captainamerica #captain
Because Doodle Bob makes for the very best first tattoo for this client!!! 😍 By Joshua Kunkel _jfdk
Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23 covered up the old with this bad ass Neo Traditional spin! #tattoos #coverupta
It's always super fun when a client comes up with a killer idea and let's their artist roll with it!
This owl in a tree couldn't flow more perfectly from the bicep to the rib..
This gorgeous Ariel from _My Little Mermaid_ was beautifully executed by Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23 ! #ta
Traditional eagle tattoo done by _jfdk23 the other day!! #traditionaltattoo #traditional_tattoo #iko
Joshua's Japanese-Style is beyond stunning! Check out this spin of a tiger cherry blossom tree! 😍 _
Resident Ikonic Artist, Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23, was honored to do this T-Shirt inspired design of Muf
Resident Ikonic Artist, Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23 , had the honor of tattooing his twin brother, in memo
This cherry blossom lotus curve was done by Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23 #tattoos #tattoo #girlytattoos #gi
Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23 loved adding all the green dimensions of color to this amazing owl he recently
Joshua Kunkle _jfdk23 loved rocking out the beginning of this Pokémon piece! There will be more adde